When shopping for hand sanitizer, make sure you choose a sanitizer that contains between 60-95% alcohol. Also, when you use hand sanitizer, make sure you do so the right way. Find the directions on the back of the bottle and follow the proper technique. Generally, apply the liquid to the palm of one hand. Then rub it all over both hands until the sanitizer dries. This takes about 20 seconds. Be careful not to wipe the sanitizer off before it’s dry. Doing that can make it not as effective in killing germs.

There are many times you should use hand sanitizer, such as before and after touching a surface other people have touched. It’s good to wipe down the handle of a shopping cart before you use it. It’s also wise to use sanitizer after you’ve pushed a cart around the store, after filling your vehicle with fuel, after handling money, and after touching elevator buttons or door handles. Always wash your hands (with either soap and water or hand sanitizer) after each time you cough and sneeze.